Crimes Committed By Civilians On Georgia Military Bases

There is significant confusion and uncertainty when it comes to alleged civilian crimes committed on army bases. How are these crimes prosecuted? Which law enforcement agencies and courts have jurisdiction? Are penalties different than for crimes committed elsewhere?

There are 13 military bases in Georgia. Given our firm's proximity to Fort Gordon Army Base, this is an issue we regularly address with clients. We are well-versed in civilian criminal defense for alleged crimes on army bases. If you have been charged under such circumstances, please contact us to discuss your rights and legal options.

Understanding Jurisdiction

Military personnel who commit crimes on bases are governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But the UCMJ does not generally apply to citizens, meaning that the case would be prosecuted in civilian criminal courts.

Most crimes committed on non-military property would be prosecuted locally or at the state level. Because army bases are federal land, however, many cases are prosecuted in federal court. This is true for nearly all offenses, from DUI to rape to murder.

Why You Need A Skilled Attorney

Compared with state court, the stakes in federal court are higher and government prosecutors often have more resources to secure a conviction. Therefore, you need the help of a defense attorney who practices in federal court and understands the complex problems that can arise when civilian and military jurisdictions are close to each other.

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